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September 10, 2021

In the last 18 months I have had QUITE the journey


Ups and downs

At times I succeeded FAST

And at other times, I got in my own way and was my own bottleneck

At times I just had to put my marriage FIRST and focus on ME


Just because one makes five figures or multiple five figures a month doesn't mean we have all the answers and have "it all figured out!"


I am committed now, more than ever, to share with you my ups and my downs inside of a new and improved group that is designed for YOU to recognize that the journey is never straight as an arrow

There are many, many bumps along the way to five figures/six figures a month


Oh, the places we will go!

Please join my new facebook group to be a part of this MOVEMENT of permission based $20K months with social selling with my 4 step proven framework

I guarantee you'll enjoy the ride and learn juicy tips/nuggets, learn about my falling flat on my face and picking myself back up again as well as the VICTORIES along the way to six figures a month


join Coach Lois inside of her facebook community to receive her 4 step proven framework



If you would like to double your income and double your clients in less than 60 days, book a call with Coach Lois at www.bookacallwithlois.com



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