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3 Of My Best Tips In Working From Home

3 Of My Best Tips In Working From Home

December 4, 2020

Having worked from home for 13 years, and as a mom working from home, juggling a LOT, I love sharing my favorite tips!!


These are my top 3 for your own health and wealth and wisdom!


Tune in on Friday as I also interview another guest expert who has pivoted WELL from home!



How to juggle side hustles and be true to yourself in balancing life

How to juggle side hustles and be true to yourself in balancing life

November 30, 2020

Coach Lois has a passion for working with people on and speaking about balance


How does one balance life and be true to oneself in juggling family, work and a side hustle?


Today Coach Lois interviews one such person that has found her joy in that balance of all 3


Debbie Rocco is a passionate advocate for empowering women and helping them to live their most inspired lives. She is a full-time Social Worker Supervisor who supports a diverse team of women and also does mentoring and consulting work in the social work field. Her love for working with families and serving others was sparked early on in life as she grew up in a family that included foster and adopted siblings. Her mom, a woman who drew others to her and knew how to live life to its fullest, battled with an aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis. She died from complications of the disease when Debbie was just out of college. The experience of caring for a loved with a serious disability and the early loss of her mother had a profound impact on the course of Debbie’s life. One impact was Debbie’s desire for a sisterhood of women whose mission aligned with her core values of connection, service, and a growth mindset.

She found this in a mission-driven direct selling company that is changing the way network marketing is done and is moving the dial for the financial empowerment of women.


Debbie believes each one of us is a one-of-a-kind, unique miracle who is imbued with great purpose and she hopes to help as many woman as she can to believe this about themselves so they can confidently share their gifts.


You can reach out to Debbie for a free skin care gift from her DIrect Sales Company and a free consultation at debbierocco37@msn.com



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A stress reduction visualization for the holidays

A stress reduction visualization for the holidays

November 25, 2020

One of the things that 2020 has taught me is that self care is critical for success in my business AND in my personal life


Recently my therapist referred me to the book called The Empath's Survival Guide by Judith Orloff, MD.

It really hit me that this year I have been out of balance and off guard with my energy and really sensitive to all the energies going on in the world.


And that I am an empath (see her book to discover if you are an empath or not)


Do you find yourself easily overwhelmed or anxious?

Do you find that energy vampires suck you dry?


How do you protect yourself and stay strong so you can be your best in your business and for your family/friends/relationships?


I made this visualization exercise for myself and my clients and wanted to share it with the masses in my community. I care about you and know that we all need to put on our oxygen mask first


And sometimes the holidays can be a time where all of the above is challenging, especially if we can't be with our loved ones.


Here's to your rejuvenation - your protection and your health!



Growing out of grief and darkness of 2020

Growing out of grief and darkness of 2020

November 23, 2020

Let's face it 2020 has been a rough year

And the holidays are coming

And it's time to talk about mental health again, as that is Lois' passion that inspired the name of her podcast - healthy n wealthy n wise

Today she interviews someone who knows this topic all too well

Jenny Landon is the founder and executive director of Growing Out Of Darkness and author of Growing Through Grief. Her passion for mental health and wellness breathes through every aspect of her life.


Jenny lost her dad to suicide and has gone thru her own mental health struggles She also helped her daughter from suicide attempt to thriving


How do you run a business when there are mental health challenges impacting you directly or even indirectly thru friends and family?


But it is the connection she builds with her audience where this passion is so profoundly experienced. Jenny's ability to transform her story into a poetic message of love and wisdom is one of the many things that set her apart. The eloquence in her words, delivered with a fire for life, reaches both the minds and hearts of her audience.


To learn more about Jenny and Growing Out Of Darkness, visit www.growingoutofdarkness.org



Here is Jenny's free gift




Please share this with those you love and care about

How to monetize an email list in 30 days to $1K

How to monetize an email list in 30 days to $1K

November 21, 2020

How does one increase income in this digital world?


Where does one begin?


I teach (and found for myself in last 8 months) that list building is key


But then what? You have a list so now what?


In this 13 minute video I talk about how to monetize that list - and create $1K income in 30 days


Watch this video for the visual slide https://youtu.be/fsCPhAMNfgc


Sign up at www.listbuildwithlois.com to receive her 3 hour course for FREE if done by Nov 22nd (valued at $1500)


You can then get it evergreen after November 25th for $37


Sign up for her 30 day List Build course at https://loiskoffi.lpages.co/inner-circle/


3 Tips To Building A Massive Email List To Your First Million

3 Tips To Building A Massive Email List To Your First Million

November 19, 2020

Did you know that an email list of 1000 or more people can create residual repeat business/referrals to the tune of $1 million in your lifetime?

Working on a farm as a kid helped me realize that your list is your asset = gold mine. I also learned that in real estate - I was taught to "farm" a neighborhood and build many six figures through that ONE area.


And you could be sitting on acres of diamonds without even knowing it!

Facebook and Linkedin are NOT your list!


Here are my 3 KEY tips that have helped me pivot well in 2020 with a list

Join my FREE list building course this weekend! This will be the ONLY time I do this for free





Healthy Daily Choices Define Your Sales Success

Healthy Daily Choices Define Your Sales Success

November 16, 2020

Coach Lois is one of the very few sales trainers that truly can speak to health challenges from a background that includes 20 years in the health and fitness industry, along with her own health challenges and dis-ease


With depression on the rise and obesity as well, amidst a pandemic, healthy choices impact your daily sales success more than you know!


And it's never too late to change your habits/daily choices.


Today Lois interviews Karen Massoglia, CEO of US Health Coaches: As a clinic director working in preventative health care for 22 years, Karen is passionate about lowering and eliminating the contributing factors to an increased risk of many diseases, increased risk of a severe response to a health issue/concern, inflammatory conditions, and many forms of cancer. She began offering Optimal Health in the clinics, and the results were astounding.


She has helped THOUSANDS of people transform their lives. Instead of reacting to disease, she helps people create health. She is passionate about giving people their lives back as they reach their goals. Inflammation can wreak havoc on every organ system in the body. Karen finds when people learn the habits of health, they can create vitality and longevity instead of sickness and disease. She recently retired from clinic management to work in the optimal health space full-time, supporting her clients in creating health, wellness and preventing disease responses.


Karen's free gift today is a Wellbeing awareness assessment

Email her at karen@ushealthcoaches.com to receive this as well an ebook as well within this gift AND a free coaching session with Karen


Could be the best present you give yourself this holiday/new year's season

The art of a monetizeable landing page

The art of a monetizeable landing page

November 12, 2020

I have found landing pages to be way more profitable than websites for me this year, as well as my clients.


Once I transformed that in my mind, I started finding ways to monetize them, as well as master lead magnets (aka free offers) to build my tribe (aka email list)


Do you have landing pages that you monetize?


What about sales pages?


We will talk about the key components today for all of that


Here are some examples of landing pages








Don't have any clue how to start making landing pages?


Coach Lois has a tool that gives you unlimited landing pages for (almost) free



Also, join us for one of our demos this week Thursday/Friday/Saturday



Here's to your success!!




Second Act Success

Second Act Success

November 9, 2020

Have you had to pivot this year and start anew?


Today Coach Lois interviews Steve Rosenbaum and they will talk about starting you "second act" life as an entrepreneur or with starting a side hustle

After being fired from his job 12 years ago, Steve knows what it is like to start over


Steve is Founder, and President of Bottom Line Marketing Automation, Inc., a company committed to helping businesses and individuals succeed in any environment.

In addition, Steve has helped thousands of sales people worldwide improve their sales skills via his personal coaching, products, books, writings, video and online sales training material Steve speaks frequently at seminars on selling, and marketing, and gives interviews on radio, TV and webcasts.

Steve has written and been featured in numerous books, videos, and articles about his unique and proprietary "Back End" conversion systems that help every type of business and sales person.


To receive Steve's FREE scavenger hunt emails, go to this link



For more support in navigating this Second Act Success, please attend Coach Lois' next FREE webinar on how to do just that this Wednesday, Nov 11th




To receive these episodes LIVE please join my facebook community which you can find at www.healthynwealthynwise.com

Is it possible to create balance in life and business?

Is it possible to create balance in life and business?

November 6, 2020

This is a question i've been asking others for years.....


It is possible to create balance in life and in business?


Or is it NOT?


I've asked millionaires - I've asked friends - I've asked experts

I've tested it for myself


I've studied it for a really long time over the last 20+ years


And today I am going to give you MY answer - because I've been believing others' answer on this for the last 6 years....and it didn't serve me


I bought into someone else's truth....which was a lie for me!


In the USA especially I see a lot of people out of balance and overworking - chasing that next sale....losing sleep....increasing stress levels


Now I see Healthy N Wealthy N Wise in an even more powerful way then ever before


Your life could be changed by this message - for REAL


You need to find the answer for YOU. Don't even adopt mine. You need to find out for yourself.


My hope is to give you hope in this thought today!


MONEY MORNING CHALLENGE - this helped me shift in my way I start my days and attract more "balance" in my life



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