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Mindset Ancestry:  How your paternal lineage is holding you back in business with Shakti

Mindset Ancestry: How your paternal lineage is holding you back in business with Shakti

June 17, 2021

With business, as in life, we have many things holding us back


Many times it is simply our minds!


And yet, how do we truly release our past?


Especially if we don't know how many ancestors it goes back to???


Today your mind will be blown as we explore this technique with Shakti Wilson and Mindset Ancestry


Shakti Wilson is the Founder of The Mindset Company. She is a Mindset Expert, Speaker, Mentor, Teacher, and Mindset Ancestry Specialist.



Shakti has mentored Entrepreneurs to level-up millions in business deals through shifting mindset. She has been a mentor for entrepreneurs for 30 years, and is a Certified Teacher of SRT and Certified Consultant of SRT.



She went from a 7-year depression to become a speaker & entrepreneur after shifting her Mindset. Mindset work transformed her life from one of isolation to purpose.


Shakti is the creator of the Mindset Ancestry System.


Go to this link for her discounted gift - this is the mindset ancestry report - the gift that keeps on giving to your family for generations to come. Break those generational curses and get busy LIVING in this life!



Find Shakti and other amazing people like her inside my facebook community here:



Tune in and share this message for all those you know being held back from life - business and personal goals


What does forgiveness & responsibility has to do with your time/financial freedom with Artem Kuznetsov

What does forgiveness & responsibility has to do with your time/financial freedom with Artem Kuznetsov

June 14, 2021

Today we talk about a topic that is pretty uncommon on most podcasts


Many are looking to help with strategies and tactics when it comes to sales and marketing


Today's "strategy" is simply forgiveness and responsibility (aka ownership)


Tune in to learn (or unlearn) the true tips to freedom (both in time and financial)


Today Coach Lois interviews one of her all time best friends in health and wealth and wisdom


If the last name didn’t already give it away, Artem Kuznetsov was born in the Eastern European country of Belarus. After moving to the US in 1993 and without a word of English, Artem quickly immersed his mind in everything and anything creative. His inability to sit still and urge to create made him a natural people magnet. In 2002, he joined Pre-paid Legal, where he gained sales and leadership experience by building a sales organization of 1,500+ people. It was around this time that he had an opportunity to meet Anthony Robbins. 


Artem was so inspired that any amount of failure only motivated him more. In fact, he lives by Napoleon Hill’s quote, “every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”


From 2002 - until 2016 he has started and operated 7 companies and in 2016 after selling his last company he needed to reconnect with himself, step away from business and decided to exit everything and take 4+ months sabbatical in SE Asia. This sabbatical among many other shifts and pivots put Artem on a path to embrace life that he refers to as Beautiful Uncertainty. 


Today Artem is what many refer to as a new breed of entrepreneurs, a Digital Nomad, living in Medellin Colombia while impatiently waiting to hop around new countries when travel gets back to normal.


Meet Artem inside of her facebook community, Healthy N Wealthy N Wise



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What is up with the new moon full moon and the recent eclipses?

What is up with the new moon full moon and the recent eclipses?

June 8, 2021

What is up with the new moon, full moon and the eclipses???

I am talking with my good friend Hallie Avolio to learn more!!


JOin us for that new moon circle
 this week:   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-moon-in-gemini-spiritual-circle-free-tickets-157878586101

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Mastering Social Media With The Digital Marketing Maven Amy Lauria

Mastering Social Media With The Digital Marketing Maven Amy Lauria

June 7, 2021

Does Social Media have you down?


In 2020 I had a love/hate relationship with social media and online lead generation


I didn't have a website - no podcast - no real social media presence


and yet I knew with the pandemic I HAD to pivot online


As part of that I hired Amy Lauria to help me with Facebook - and today we talk to my digital marketing maven herself!


Amy Lauria, the president of Spotlight Business Solutions L.LC, has been working in digital marketing and websites since 2005 when she started volunteering at the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing.


For many years, she worked to grow the social media business into a full digital marketing company. In the fall of 2013, Amy decided to make her dream of working for herself a reality and took the business full time. Amy helps businesses with everything from SEO to social media, to content writing and more.


Since then, Amy has worked with many different people and businesses in a variety of industries to help them grow their businesses and their brands online.


Today we talked about the facebook changes and how important twitter is versus instagram


Is blogging still a good thing?


What about which platform to be on?


You can download Amy's free gift at https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/J480Zvd/spotlight



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How Strategic Alliances Will 10X Your Business With Tom Matzen

How Strategic Alliances Will 10X Your Business With Tom Matzen

June 4, 2021

"If you have a product that delivers value, you have a moral obligation to serve as many people as you can."

-Jay Abraham


This quote inspired me this year to check out the Strategic Alliance event in January and it 10Xed my business (doubled income, grew my list, grew my partners/possibilities and increased my impact!)


The power of strategic alliances is truly 1 + 1 = 11


Today I talked to my mastermind leader, Tom Matzen, to further explain how YOU can 10X your business


Authority entrepreneurs hire Tom to build seven and eight figure enterprises by helping them package their wisdom and knowledge and build a global movement in the process.


Tom has started some 89 businesses of his own, eight to seven figures and beyond. More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred million in sales in dozens of industries. 


However he has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. He has made and lost millions, several times over.  


An international best-seller with two books, Tom has shared his message to more than 100,000 entrepreneurs on four continents, and in hundreds of TV, Radio, print and podcast interviews and by running global Online Summits. Most recently he Co-Hosted the Million Dollar Scholarship Giveaway where together with 26 other authorities, they gave away $124.5 million in Scholarships to business owners across the globe. 


He now leads an emerging global enterprise with a mission to empower 10,000 Authority Entrepreneurs to build global movements and 7 & 8 figures businesses by December, 2024.  And, as a result, will offer a special scholarship today, so stay tuned.


Welcome the Chief Movement Maker of Embark Million Dollar Authority, Tom Matzen.



If you TRULY want to 10X your business please attend this event with us June 9th-11th (bonus day is June 5th)


I wanted to give you a heads up and personally invite you to this event because I truly believe you could find several possibilities/connections/referrals


I joined this groups Mastermind and it was HUGE for my JV and affiliate work this year HIGH level influencers came into my life at the last event like this so I cleared my calendar for this one


Just in case, here is the link to register and gain so much wisdom and knowledge and increase https://gostrategic.ontraport.com/t?orid=922&opid=1


I will also be there It would be great to have you join and during the event


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Why Laughter Is The Best Free Medicine With Sarah Routman

Why Laughter Is The Best Free Medicine With Sarah Routman

May 31, 2021

Many people are always seeking outside for health and wealth related answers - when often those answers lie within!


With laughter! This impacts both your health and wealth in ways we don't even realize


Laughter Ambassador, corporate trainer, and founder of Laugh Healthy, Sarah Routman is a photographer, poet, and published author, who shares laughter and an array of artistic experiences as a catalyst for personal and group transformation putting participants in the driver’s seat of their attitudes so they can have the influence and impact they intend. Formerly a high school teacher, an adjunct leadership professor at the University of Minnesota, and Executive Director of two non-profits, Sarah is a champion of overall wellness, Sarah wows audiences with her expertise, enthusiasm, and highly interactive laugh-it-out approach toward stress management, peak performance, and personal and workplaces wellness, leaving participants uplifted and transformed


Thanks to her BA in English, and BFA in Photography, she is the creator of four coloring books, author of The Laughter Planner, and co-author of The Laughter Book (a collaborative effort with her identical twin sister that is coming soon). Included in the recent anthology, ‘Can’t Someone Fix What Ails Me?’ 21 stories of living with chronic illness, Sarah is the person you want to work with when you are faced with serious life issues but want and need to find joy. She fills her presentations and workshops with creative tools that are fun, engaging and guarantee a memorable, and personally empowering experience


Want more help with this? Sarah is gifting a 30 minute free 1-1 session with her

Scheduled that 30-minute free Laughter Coaching session at www.Calendly.com/LaughHealthy


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Mission Driven Mentors VS Money Driven Marketers With TR Garland

Mission Driven Mentors VS Money Driven Marketers With TR Garland

May 30, 2021

Have you ever felt "taken" by a marketing and money driven salesperson?


Anyone relate to feeling like you just got "sold" or "duped"?


And go no results to show for it other than no sales, no money, no increase?


Today we will talk about just that and how to find your MISSION DRIVEN MENTORS who are here to SERVE you


TR Garland is often considered one of the world's leading Mission-Driven Mentors for Purpose-Driven Professionals.


His company, Change Makers Worldwide, makes a concrete commitment to their clients to show them the

step-by-step strategies (that others before them have already successfully followed) to build their own Purpose-Driven Platform that is:


- Guided by Purpose

- Powered by Passion

- Produces Predictable Profits


...and will leave a legacy and live on long after they’re gone.


His company does this by standing by their side (and holding

their hand when necessary) to help them carefully craft their very own customized Ripple

of Impact Plan. 


This plan guarantees their clients the freedom

to “Live Life on Their Terms” and “Leave Life with no Regrets”.




His company does this because our clients deeply

desire & deserve to show up as the "Highest & Best Version" of themselves - - for themselves, for their loved ones, and for the greater good of all humanity.


As a community member of mine, TR has given his personal email address for you to reach out and receive a free gift from him


Reach TR at tr@trgarland.me and in the subject line say "LOIS SENT ME"


You can find TR and other guests of the show inside the facebook community


Please join us so you can watch LIVE every Friday at 10 a.m. PST




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Do you fear worthiness when it comes to delegation?

Do you fear worthiness when it comes to delegation?

May 25, 2021

Do you fear "worthiness" when it comes to delegation?

Is it hard for you to give things up to others to do for you?

Afraid to ask for help?

Feel like you "have to do it all myself"?

That has been me from time to time....and I found it was because I felt I wasn't worthy....and that I had to have "control" over everything.

2020 helped me release that and by so doing, released a lot of scarcity thinking

Here are my top 3 signs that I learned that may resonate with you

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Discover The Strategic Marketing Blueprint With David Baer

Discover The Strategic Marketing Blueprint With David Baer

May 24, 2021

What is the difference between sales and marketing???


We talk about that today


David Baer is a veteran direct response marketer who started his career selling classical music subscriptions online at the dawn of email marketing. Since then, his copy and strategic guidance have earned his employers and clients millions in sales. Through his consulting firm, Baer On Marketing, David has served clients in industries ranging from the Arts to Wine to Professional Services and Wellness. David is also a Creative Partner with The Prepared Group


David is a wine geek/theater geek/marketing geek!


He has a lot of wisdom to share


Want a free blueprint on marketing?

Check out this video at:



Or go here




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Consistency ain’t sexy but it raises the BAR

Consistency ain’t sexy but it raises the BAR

May 17, 2021


At some times I see people cringe when I say this word

It's almost as bad as accountability

People struggle with it and I am here to save the day and help you RAISE THE BAR on consistency


Check out my FREE consistency tools at www.dailycompassandguide.com


Sign up for my Masterclass this Wednesday to ensure you take ACTION and raise the BAR





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